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I can't believe you've only used 1 layer O.O I actually saw this first over on Pixiv and am delighted to have found you here XD This is simply breathtaking! I've seen quite a few Sailor Moon X Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossovers, but this has to be the best in the category. I love their similar mirror poses and their expressions are so heartbreaking :( They have such sad stories, Serenity's suicide on the moon and Madoka's self sacrifice :( I also love the space background :)
I'm actually gonna look at your other work now >.< I'm delighted to have stumbled across your art :)
It's rather simple but it works really well. Forgive me for doing an awful critique >.< I've never actually done one before >.<
best wishes,
Ash ;D
x x x
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